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Free Books and Bargains April 2022

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Free Books and Bargains

I know you’re an audience of voracious readers, so every month I round up the best free books and bargain books for you. This is a great way to find new authors and new series. It’s also a great way to support indie authors without the power of a publishing house behind them to market their books! So without further ado, here’s my April roundup:

Free Books – Mystery Reads

Over 100 totally free books in the mystery genre to fill your Kindle or other e-reader! My two free novellas, Escape From the North Pole and A Deadly Secret Admirer, are included!

Easter Basket Mystery BARGAINS

Detective, Thriller, Historical, Cozy, and Crime Suspense Mystery eBooks for everyone in this roundup of over 80 bargain and sometimes free books! I’ve already downloaded about a dozen to devour this month, including all the ones with an adorable basset hound on the cover. I’m a sucker for a cute dog on a cozy cover, how about you? The first three books in my series, Mountain Town Murder, Hot Springs Murder, and the releasing-this-month Boss Babe Murder are included!

March And April New Releases

Hot new releases in the mystery, suspense, sci-fi and fantasy genres are rounded up here, over 75 of them! And—eek!—BOSS BABE MURDER is included because it releases 4/26/22! The sponsor of this roundup, BookMojo, is also offering a $250 gift card giveaway!

Spring Break Reads

I’m very excited about this promo because I’m organizing it! It runs April 17-23, and features woman-led, romantic mysteries, not so cozies (my genre!), and romantic suspense of all different spice levels! Plus, all books in this promo will be FREE, .99, or in Kindle Unlimited during the week of the promo! Don’t miss this one!


Amazon Kindle Unlimited

As always, I recommend Kindle Unlimited every month as the biggest bargain to access ebooks, magazines, and more! Use this link to get one month free on your new subscription! All my full length novels are available on Kindle Unlimited, and always will be.

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