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March Procrastination Roundup – Books I Read, iPhone Games I Played

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Normally this is my monthly books-I-read roundup, but March was a heckuva month over here between emergency travel for a family health scare, solo parenting kiddos, and general what-the-hell-is-happening over international affairs. I was also wrapping up Boss Babe Murder, which releases 4/26/22, which ate into my reading time. So instead of a normal wrap up, I’m also going to talk about my favorite iPhone games. Because why not?

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First, What I Read:

Meet Cutes and Murder by Lisa Kinley

This is a throughly modern cozy mystery set in a small college town in Oregon. There’s donuts, campus shenanigans, a hunky archaeologist, cute kitties, and a murder wrapped up in a publishing intrigue. I love the size inclusivity and diversity, too! If you like my books, I think you’ll love this first in a series, too.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

I read this on a trip and it was the perfect airplane book. I’m a Lucy Foley fan, and this one lived up to her previous ones! The Paris setting is fun, the mystery kept me guessing, and I felt satisfied justice had been served at the end. Highly recommended if you like twisty thrillers!

Last, How I Distracted Myself From This Strange Reality We’re Living In:

Wylde Flowers

From the Developer:
Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming sim with a witchy twist! Escape to a cute world of diverse folks and magical spells, as you and the coven unravel a mystery. Play as Tara, who has just moved to a charming rural island to help out her grandma and the family farm.

From Me:
Basically it’s like living a paranormal cozy mystery. So much fun to play, very relaxing, and I loved the diversity. I can’t wait for a new storyline! I play this iPhone game on Apple Arcade, which is a subscription service my whole family uses to access high quality games.


From the Developer:
Help Bailey and her friends uncover the mystery of the disappearance of her best friend using your magical match-3 skills. Will you unearth the conspiracy that threatens to send the world of witches into chaos?

From Me:
I’m not normally a match three person, but the storyline you play by earning magicka in the match three games is worth it! Obviiously I was feeling the witchy vibes in March!

Hopefully I’ll have more time to read in April. What did you procrastinate with in March? What are you looking forward to reading in April?

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